Kenneth Williams Rare In Depth Interview Part One

In an interview with Mavis Nicholson, from 1974, Kenneth's genius shows through, as he discusses his life and career.

Free of the usual anecdotes, Ken entertainingly and revealingly analyses himself and gives us an idea of what makes him tick.

This is part one of two.

Kenneth Williams Rare In Depth Interview Part Two

The second part of the interview from 1974.

The Decline Of Kenneth Williams

A look at the decline of Kenneth Williams towards the end of his life.

Charles Hawtrey Rare Movie Memories Interview

Interviewed by Roy Hudd in 1984 for Movie Memories, he was so drunk that the producers had to heavily edit the programme.

Kenneth Williams and Joe Orton

Fascinating documentary excerpt which examines both the professional and personal relationship between Kenneth and the playwright Joe Orton, and looks at Kenneth's sexuality. It contains very rare interview footage of Orton himself.

Kenneth Williams Arguing on Parkinson

Kenneth Williams being taken to task by Michael Parkinson over an expressed view. Also features Maggie Smith.

Carry On Screaming Trailer

Carry On Screaming trailer using the theme as a pastiche for scenes from the films. The theme was sung by Baz Burrell (not Jim Dale as it was popular to think).

Carry on Doctor Trailer

The trailer for the great Carry On Doctor.

Carry On Joan - Tribute to Joan Sims

At an unvailing of a plaque for Joan Sims, a Frankie Howerd look-a-like does a comedy routine.

Carry On

A clip from a sketch where the actress playing Barbara Windsor is trying to get actors to go along with the innuendo.