Carry On Again Nurse

A new Carry On short made for a charity event based on an original script by Norman Hudis

Rustie Lee with Kenneth Williams on TV-am

Rustie Lee cooks in the kitchen with Kenneth Williams and Henry Kelly on TV-am.

The Crimes of Joe Orton

Very funny documentary excerpt which looks at the offences of vandalism of library books for which the playwright Joe Orton and his friend Kenneth Halliwell were sent to prison in the 1960s.

Kenneth Williams...Excellent Chat Show Appearance From 1980


Kenneth appears in an episode of Parkinson from 1980. This is a masterclass in anecdote telling.
Everything about this performance is perfect. The versatility of the voice, the timing, the material, and most of all...the man.
Behold, a comedy genius at his very peak.

"Seven guineas for a bra?...cheaper to have your tits off!!..."

Kenneth Williams Interviews Stephen Fry

Kenneth interviews the actor and comedian Stephen Fry in an episode of Wogan first broadcast in April 1986.